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Frequently Asked Questions

​Credit Card Processing

​​How are you better than Square?

​​Can the Poynt Smart Terminal accept a chip card?

​​Does your terminal allow me to accept Apple Pay and Android Pay?

​​Does my business qualify for a free Poynt Smart Terminal?

​​What are your rates?

​​Can I accept all credit card types?

​​When will my money be deposited?

​​Can I process a refund using the Poynt Smart Terminal?

​​Can Betterfunds help me accept payments on my website?

What makes Betterfunds better than other merchant services providers and alternative lenders?

​Small Business Loans

​What type of Small Business Loans do you offer?

​What are your Small Business Loan ​amounts?

​​Is my business eligible?

​​How can I find out the amount my business can receive?

​​How long does it take to get funded?

​​How much does it cost to apply for Betterfunds?

​​How much does the financing cost?

​​Will bad credit affect my ability to receive funding?

​​What can capital be used for?

​​What if I already have a business loan?

Credit Card Processing

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